Goutam Sanyal Mon, 03/31/2008 - 00:35

Hi Akhtar, Is that two LLs are connected with WAN interface and RF is with one of two FE? If so come with some more details that is your two LLs are connected with the same END B address? And the RF is what for? Is that any LL or Internet connection? Thanks Goutam.

akhtar.qureshi Mon, 03/31/2008 - 00:49

Thanks goutam for your reply. I have 2Mb and 64kb lease line and R/F link, Lease lines are connected as follows 2MB s0/0/1, 64kb s0/0/1,and R/F fa 0/0 and locak network fa 0/1

Other end is also the same. I am using this to connect to my HO.


Goutam Sanyal Mon, 03/31/2008 - 01:07

Hi Akhtar, You can configure the both serial link with the backup of the RF as per your network requirement. At serial interface configuration mode you can configure “backup interface Fa0/0” to Modify backup parameters, also configure the “backup delay 0 300 (can configurable 0 to 4294967294 sec) Delays before backup line up or down transitions. Also you can configure PPP Multilink to use the backup link I have given the above suggestion by assuming that you are not running and kind of load balancing in between your primary interface, in this case both Serial interfaces. Thanks!!! Goutam

akhtar.qureshi Mon, 03/31/2008 - 01:10

Goutam i want all the 3 link to work as backup. suppose two links are down the third should come up. and i am not using load balancing.

Goutam Sanyal Mon, 03/31/2008 - 02:01

Hi Akther, As per my concern it'll not work* as backup until if you go for Multilink with that you can run three interfaces simultaneously. Mean you can bond the three interfaces with same Multilink group. Else you can go with two serial interfaces with same Multilink group. And bond the RF as backup. Thanks Goutam

* As per your previous post serial interfaces both are same i.e. serial 0/0/1 (it may typing mistake)


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