mattcalderon Mon, 03/31/2008 - 06:48
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What you need to set up is a syslog server. Here is a link that will guide you.

Essentially you need a syslog server listening for log events and the devices need to be pointed to the syslog server.

Also a link to another thread as this was discussed in detail.

A good syslog server is kiwi

qwertys21 Mon, 03/31/2008 - 07:26
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I am aware of the syslog server but want to know how to redirect files, it may not have to be log files.


mattcalderon Mon, 03/31/2008 - 07:50
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I am a bit confused on your request. When you say redirect files what exactly are you implying? What type of files would you like to redirect?


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