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I am currently about to carry out a POC on WAAS. Currently I have the datacenter WAAS appliaces and Branch appliances in an inllne deployment mode.

I would like to know how to resolve the problem with auto discovery as seen below,

Autodiscovery failure

No Peer or assymetric route - 39

br-wae#sh tfo auto-discovery

Auto discovery structure:

Allocation Failure: 0

Allocation Success: 39

Deallocations: 39

Timed Out: 0

Auto discovery table:

Bucket Overflows: 0

Table Overflows: 0

Entry Adds: 39

Entry Drops: 39

Entry Count: 0

Lookups: 39

Bind hash add failures: 0

Route Lookup:

Failures: 0

Success: 0


Allocation failures: 0

Accept pair allocation failures: 0

Unix allocation failures: 0

Connect lookup failures: 0


Memory allocation failures: 0

Total Sent: 66

Total Received: 78

Incorrect length or checksum received: 0

Invalid filtering tuple received: 0

Received for dead connection: 0

Ack dropped in synack received state: 0

Non Syn dropped in nostate state: 0

Auto discovery failure:

No peer or asymmetric route: 39

Insufficient option space: 0

Invalid option content: 0

Invalid connection state: 0

Missing Ack conf: 0

Auto discovery success TO:

Internal server: 0

External server: 0

Auto discovery success FOR:

Internal client: 0

External client: 0

Auto discovery success SYN retransmission:

Zero retransmit: 0

One retransmit: 0

Two+ retransmit: 0

Auto discovery Miscellaneous:

Intermediate device: 0

RST received: 0

SYNs found with our device id: 0

SYN retransmit count resets: 0


I have this problem too.
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Zach Seils Mon, 03/31/2008 - 11:35


Can you please provide some additional information about your setup? What does the topology look like? What version of WAAS are you running, etc.?




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