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Apr 2nd, 2008

Hi, everyone

I have some puzzle for WLC's L2 LWAPP and L3 LWAPP

1, Is it right for the following depolyment:

4404 have 4 GE distribute port, For L2 LWAPP, on each corresponding port on switch, the first should be trunk, the last 3 should be access static port and each have different vlan id.

for L3 LWAPP, 4 GE ports all should be configured with trunk. And these ports are enabled with LAG by default?

2, according to CCO, With a Layer 2 LWAPP configuration, you should distribute access points across different vlan manually. Does that mean some AP should be terminated at AP-manager interface 1, and some at AP-manager interface 2; but how to configured it and how to deploy?

Is there the same question for L3 LWAPP?

3, what is advantage and disadvantage for L2 LWAPP and L3 LWAPP deployment. Anyone can provide some useful link for WLC's deployment?

Very thanks.

I have this problem too.
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mirek.tichy_2 Wed, 04/02/2008 - 02:27


1) you can use the GB ports separately or as bundle. It depends on you only. Management and dynamic VLANs can be put on individual ports natively without tagging or like a taged trunk. The switch has to have propper config too.

For example - you can bundle ports 1 and 2 like an Etherchannel and put there the management and ap-manager interface natively (VLAN ID 0). Switch must have the same Etherchannel as "switchport mode access".

Next you can bundle ports 3 and 4 and put there all dynamic interfaces (user VLANs) like a tagged trunk. Switch must have the same Etherchannel as "switchport mode trunk".

2) All AP communicates witch the controller through management subnet. If you use L3 mode, you can put them into the same one or into another. In the case of another subnet, routing must work properly.

3) definelly use L3 LWAPP, L2 has no advantages and I think it is obsoleted

hetao1601 Tue, 04/08/2008 - 21:01

mirek, Very thanks!

for Q1, I have still several question as below.

1) for bundle, do I have to config two port on switch as GigaEthernetChannel? Are these two port must be "static access port"? If so, do I have just one AP-manager interface and one ip address for it? you say it is vlan ID 0, but how to configurate the vlan id 0?

2) if no ethernetChannel, do I have to configurate more than one AP-manager interface and give each one a ip address.

very thanks

mirek.tichy_2 Wed, 04/09/2008 - 01:36


generaly - one controller = one management plus one ap-manager interface (both in the same subnet (one physical port)).

All LWAPP trafic goes through ap-manager interface.

VLAN ID 0 on the controller is the same as VLAN on an access port or native VLAN on a trunk port on the switch. Shortly - frames without dot1q tagging.

Bundling into EtherChannel is separate problem. you can use it or needn't.


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