ccna recertification to persue ccip certification

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Apr 2nd, 2008

hi all

my ccna certification expired on dec19,2007 and i passed ccie(service provider) written exam on dec28,2007.

my question is that,in order to do ccip do i have to do ccna again or it is valid

because of passed ccie written exam.

i am littile confused about it.

secondly, i have different cisco id for ccna and ccie written exam,so how it will work for me in order to persue ccip certification

kindly respond quickly

i will highly appreciate the help



I have this problem too.
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Hi Waqar

As your CCNA expired before you sat and passed the CCIE (SP) written, in the eyes of Cisco you no longer hold a valid CCNA certification.

There is nothing stopping you studying and passing the CCIP level exams. However you will not be considered CCIP certified until you hold a valid CCNA certification also. SO this would mean sitting and passsing the CCNA exam again.

As for the different Cisco ID numbers, I would take this up with Cisco.

Best Regards,


waqar.shaikh Thu, 04/03/2008 - 11:31

thank you so much for your help.

one last order to do ccip,what are the chances of getting a job on the basis of ccip qualification while i have the networking hands-on experience.

i hope this time again i will get quick and informative reply so that i can finalise my strategy accordingly as quickly as possible

plz respond at your earliest.

again, thank you very much

and i appreciate your help a lot



Hi Waqar

I am afraid that this question is not so easy to answer. It will depend a lot on what the job market is like where you live. I live in Ireland and at present there a good number of positions advertised where the stated requirement is either CCIP or CCNP.

However I would caution you that until you have passed both the CCNA and all the CCIP modules successfully you will not be considered as CCIP certified.

Also I would add that here in Ireland, certification will help get you to the interview, however all employers will value experience in the field over certification. So if you have good hands on experience already this should stand to you while to work on your certification.

Best Regards,


waqar.shaikh Thu, 04/03/2008 - 15:38

hi michael

i really appreciate your timely responses,which will definitely help me to finalise my certification plans.

lastly,in order to do ccna,should i use my expired ccna cisco id or ccie(sp) written exam cisco id,because i want to do ccie(sp) after the ccip.

kindly respond one more time

once again thank you so much

best regards



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