Converting WAV to CCITT

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Apr 4th, 2008
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I need to convert some WAV files to

CCITT ulaw 8 khz 8 bit mono

I have Audacity installed, does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to do this conversion? Thanks.

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telcorinc Fri, 04/04/2008 - 13:31
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Looking through Audacity (ver 1.2.6 is what I have installed) I do not see any particular way to change the format from there. The best way that I have found is to use the Windows Sound Recorder (if you're using Microsoft Windows).

Inside the sound recorder, you have the option to convert files to different formats. Just go to save as, and then at the bottom there will be a change button. When you click there you can change the format from PCM to CCITT ulaw and then change the attributes (8kHz, 8 Bit, Mono).


philnolan3d Fri, 04/04/2008 - 14:20
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Wow that was a lot simpler than I expected. I did figure out how to do it in Audasity. Go to Edit>Preferences>File Formats>Uncompressed Format>Other>Encoding>uLaw

Mono can be accomplished by splitting the track, then deleting one of them. Then you get the option to switch the remaining one to mono. At the bottom of the application is a dropdown box where you can choose 8000Hz, it doesn't actually give an option for 8 bit, but I found that after I exported the WAV file the result was 8 bit. Thank you James.

MIKE DEDMON Tue, 05/13/2008 - 08:20
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So, After trying this. It still doesn't work. I REALLY hate switching to Sound recorder. Especially since I have MANY files to edit for our phone system.

Any other ideas how to get Audacity to work?

Jaime Valencia Tue, 05/13/2008 - 09:31
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i believe you can do this with the windows sound-recorder, open the file and the use the save as... to select the proper format.



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paolo bevilacqua Tue, 05/13/2008 - 10:05
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No, windows tools do not convert correctly to the format used by cisco.

telcorinc Tue, 05/13/2008 - 10:29
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Is there a specific product from Cisco that you're referring to? In the last few months I have done a lot of WAV file conversions for prompts used by different IPCCX scripts.

I have been using the Windows Sound Recorder, changing PCM files over to CCITT files and I have to agree with Jaime that you can use Sound Recorder to do it because every time they have worked successfully. I have even used the Audacity program to combine multiple WAV files, exported it into a PCM version and then converted it over using Sound Recorder to CCITT and they come in no problem.

I also used the Sound Recorder for Music On Hold streams. I had to convert to wideband (16 bit instead of 8 bit) to get it to work but they came through successfully.

Now I grant you they may not be the best quality in the world but I'm working with a free program from Windows, I accept this fact.

Could you be a little more specific?


telcorinc Tue, 05/13/2008 - 09:41
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Well I followed your steps you outlined in your April post and it seems like it works (going to Edit>Preferences>File Formats>Uncompressed Export Format>Other...>WAV header & U-Law option). Does the file not take when you upload to your Communications Manager?

When I tested this with a PCM file of mine and exported it to WAV, it converted to it a 8kHz, 8bit Mono CCITT file. Now it was a 8kHz, 8bit Mono PCM file before, not a 22.505kHz file like some of them that I have.

What are the original file properties? We know you're taking it from a PCM, but what kHz and bit?


a.gooding Tue, 05/13/2008 - 20:31
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These are the ways i normally do this

1. Using Windows sound recorder for G711

2. Using our test CCM 4.X (Drop MOH file) to convert from G711 to G729

We Also record prompts via Unity (This is our most used method) - ( We use the interview handler). normally we do this for G711 but i think that in the unity tools depot you can specify the recording format and change accordingly.

emikelso Wed, 07/09/2008 - 10:16
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Export the file to save it.

File - Export - Options - Format = Other - Header = WAV - Encoding = U-Law.

Then just upload that saved file. Make sure it's save as 8k too. These options should stay saved after you export a file once.


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