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Apr 5th, 2008


i have a BS degree in comp.sci. now i m finiding univeristies in USA/ canada etc that offers masters in network/ security. but i donot want to rake calculas/automata (; again. i want to focus on CCIE. Are there any university that offers CCIE level master or even CISSP level masters

I have this problem too.
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JORGE RODRIGUEZ Sun, 04/06/2008 - 18:23

Muhammad, CCIE/CCSP is a specialized curriculum I believe only offered by Cisco systems, I doubt a university would have a CCIE masters curricuum again because is a unique expert credentials that is prepared, given, and approved by Cisco Systems. If you want to focus on CCIE and become one you will have to do it separate, there may be some universities that perpahs provides equivalent courses that may translate to the high calliber of CCIE studies but ultimately the CCIE writen/LAB exams and credentials is given and approved by Cisco Systems, all this said, to be completely certain you may call Cisco Systems training division directly to query on your concern.

On another token, I have seen for example in Boston University CCNA\CCNP\CCDA etc.. training but totally separate from a given major concentration and in some cases colleges would take CCNA\CCNP\CCIE passed exams outside their institution and give you credits towards your major whichever that major may be.

Odds are in the real world,if you are CCIE without masters degreee in computer science or even bachellors in computer science you get the job. If no CCIE and masters degree in computer science most likely the CCIE will take that job, I have seen this scenario many times, why? I do not know but CCIE reputation has gotten to a point that it levels as if you hold a masters degree or more but not just in simple theory but hands on, companies out there know CCIE will never turn their wish list skills down in any way.

I think what you need to do is stop and think a little on what exactly you want to end up doing or what exactly you enjoy the most, and, by doing it where it will bring you in todays or tomorrow job market in the real world of networking and telecommunications.




omair.siddiqui Mon, 04/07/2008 - 01:10

Ya you are right no university is going to revolve their whole master program across a vendor and certificate. but my point is there are few universities like ryerson university that teaches courses that will aid in CCIE too..

The thing is i want to do masters, but at the same time my ultimate focus is CCIE, so i cannot afford to to take a course that divert my whole attention to pure theoretical courses. instead the university should be equiped with latest lab (like i saw in ryerson) i am watching for a courses that are really practical which teaches BGP,OSPF, MPLS and today's network rather than probability and statistics of a packet to reach destination.

If any body know more programs that offered such courses kindly reply


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