Message Store / DC Failed - Need Urgent Help !!!

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Hi all,

I am in need for urgent help !!! I have a Unity failover environment running Win2k Unity 4.0.3 sr1 with message store 2k and Windows 2k AD running on a separate box. The array controller on my message store/AD box failed and could not restore the message store/AD from backup. And is what I have done.

- I rebuild the message store / AD onto a new hardware box. Hoping I can restore AD accounts using DiRT restore.

- I reinstall the Unity primary box from scratch. I reinstalled from the OS level.

And here are my problems. When I run DiRT restore the tool ran but it gets stuck at Unity Directory Synchronization. It looked like it can not synch with AD for some reason. But before I ran the tool I created a test subscriber in Unity and I can see the test user account created in AD.

Can someone please tell me what am I running into here ?

I've been running Unity without the message store since Thursday. I really need everyone's help !!!!

thanks very much in advance !!!


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