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Apr 7th, 2008
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I am facing an issue in LAN. I have got 2 core switches and 52 access switches. We i doa continous ping i am getting request time out, and at that time i cannot access the switch. So the users connected to that switches are affected. Its only happening on 10 switches only. (only on 2950). But there are 2950 switches which are working perfectly. My core switch is vey old model (3500). Kindly advice is it a problem due to core switch or the access switches.

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Hi There

You would really need to post the "sanitized" configuration of your core switch(es) and at least 1 or 2 of your problem switches along with a description of how they are connected for anybody to be able to give meaningful advice.

Also your core switch the "(3500)", is this a layer 3 switch (3550/3560)? How many VLAN's are configured on your LAN? How is inter VLAN routing handled? If there is a router involved please post the "sanitized" configuration from this also

There are lots of possible causes. Are there ACL's configured? Are some of your switches "daisy chained" together where 1 switch is down which causes the downstream switches to be unavailable? Are there Routing problems? Do you have hardware issues on the ports on the core switch that connect to these offline 2950's etc.

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