Fault Tolerance not working between CSMs

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Apr 8th, 2008
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I have two CSM modules in two differnt switches (Bridge mode) configured for high availability. After noticing one of the CSM modules was in failed mode, I reset the module. While the module reboots I get the following messages: %CSM_SLB-4-REDUNDANCY_WARN: Module 3 FT warning: LRP: no ACK from standby.. standby may be down

%CSM_SLB-4-TOPOLOGY: Module 3 warning: IP address conflict: ARP frame from with MAC 00:01:64:f9:

1a:07 received on VLAN 2.

With both online a "show mod csm 3 ft" shows both modules active.

I can no longer access the real servers.

When I remove the module that I reset (Primary) I can access the servers using the backup CSM.

Whe I remove the backup CSM and insert the Primary, I cannot acces the servers once again.

The FT vlan is VLAN 7 configured on both switches and is the only allowed VLAN on the trunk.

The config for the Primary CSM is:redundancy

mode sso


auto-sync running-config

spanning-tree mode pvst

module ContentSwitchingModule 3

ft group 7 vlan 7

priority 30



vlan 2 client

ip address



vlan 8 server

ip address



interval 10

failed 100


probe HTTPS tcp

interval 10

failed 100

port 443



nat server

no nat client





probe HTTPS



virtual tcp 0


persistent rebalance


Trunk for VLAN 7 config :

interface GigabitEthernet4/2


switchport trunk encapsulation isl

switchport trunk allowed vlan 7

switchport mode trunk

no ip address

logging event link-status

logging event spanning-tree status

logging event trunk-status

Has anyone had this problem?

Thanks, Donald

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Gilles Dufour Tue, 04/08/2008 - 06:53
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  • Cisco Employee,

have you tried to swap cards ?

Take the working standby and move it to the chassis of the not-working active.

See if the problem stick to the card or the chassis.

Then try to use one CSM at a time and use sniffer trace to see if a ping from csm to server get out of the blade.


donald.james@hp.com Tue, 04/08/2008 - 08:06
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The plan is to take a working CSM from a DR site with the same config to try in place of the not working active. I did not want to risk taking the working stanby and moving it and possibly having an outage at this time since this is a production switch being heavily utilized at the moment. I wanted to verify there was not something in the config that was not configured properly.

g-hopkinson Fri, 07/18/2008 - 03:53
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Have you resolved this issue as I have something similar?


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