Help with VPN from ASA to remote office

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Apr 8th, 2008


Please let me know what configs you need if any, they are big so let me kow what you need.

Anyway, I have managed to complete phase 1 and phase 2 of the VPN from the ASA 5520 to the remote office which is a Cisco 877 DSL router.

Now here is the tricky part to explain:

1.) Is seems that if I ping servers from the remote office to servers on the inside of the ASA they won't reply, but if I reverse this and I send a ping from one of the servers on the ASA's inside to the remote network it will time-out then come up and then both sides can ping.

It's as if the ASA/server side can start the communication only which is not right, I want both sides to be able to do this.

2.) I then notice on the ASA 5520 that I will have 1 IKE tunnel and 4 IPSec tunnels, and these IPsec tunnels will increase if I ping from another server to the remote network, is the right?

I pinged the remote network from 4 servers and it went:

1 IKE Tunnel 1 IPSec Tunnel

1 IKE Tunnel 2 IPSec Tunnel

1 IKE Tunnel 3 IPSec Tunnel

1 IKE Tunnel 4 IPSec Tunnel

If I ping from another server not yet used it will be:

1 IKE Tunnel 5 IPSec Tunnel

I thought 1 IEK and 1 IPSec tunnel would support all communication.

I have this problem too.
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