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I am having extreme difficulty setting up Cisco Aironet 1310 series devices. here is an overview:

We have our main network with an ip scheme of on one side and an office across the street that is on

I want to connect these 2 networks via wireless bridge. We do have a PTP T1 between the 2 sites that is used to carry VoIP traffic and data, but I want the data moved to the wirless bridges.

I put the bridges on their own network of and I am using 2 switches with their own VLANS on the same network as the bridges.

No matter what I try, I can't get traffic to flow properly.

does anyone have any suggestions or can they point me in the right direction. It is driving me crazy!

thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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If you are running the AP's in autonimous mode:-

Firstly are the switch ports the AP's connected to trunks? As I imagine you are using VLANS to seperate the traffic?

Secondly I would configure in the AP's to use the seperate IP range/VLAN in a specific SSID - and use this SSID as the "Infrastructure-ssid"

This will allow the AP's to assoociate with each other and effectlvy "bridge" the LAN traffic.


Hi Andrew, Thanks for the response.

AP's are running in "root" and "non-root" mode and they are able to talk to each other ok. Just can't get the traffic to flow from point A to B (the main network, through the wireless bridges, over to the remote network and back again), then back from B to A. The traffic either loops or bounces back and forth between the firewall and the switches. I suspect I need t tweak the gateways on each of AP's as well.

Right now, the gateways are set to point to the VLAN set on the switch of the opposite side. This way, traffic hits the AP and is forwarded through to the opposite VLAN.

I am using seperate VLAN's to seperate the traffic but have not tried to associate with a specific SSID as of yet.

If traffic is flowing back and forth between the AP's and the local switches, you could create a GRE tunnel from site A router to site B router, and run a dynamic routing protocol or static routes into the tunnel ( we have done this previously between two buildings, then ran EIGRP over the tunnel between the AP's) works well.


But we are not running this through the routers. See, we have a PTP router that runs VoIP traffic (and the data right now that needs to be switched over to the wireless briges!)

So, I am trying to get this to run through VLANS on our switches. See, the PTP T1 is too slow (1.544mbps) while the wirless is about 54mbps!

Can this be done through VLAN's on the switches? (switches are HP2600PWR with IP routing capabilities.)

OK I would try this:

In building B I would put all the PC's into a "Data" VLAN. Also connect the AP into that VLAN. Configure the AP fex/x to be in bridge group 1.

Giving the BVI interface an IP for management, should be the IP subnet of building A. Create the SSID for the AP's, the secondary should be

the non-root. The primary should be the root. Again, Configure the root AP fex/x to be in bridge group 1 - also give the BVI an IP address for management

from building A subnet. ON both AP's set the default gateway of the layer 3 device in Building A

This way you are extending the build A "Data" LAN over the wireless

bridge to building B??


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