Backbone Design?

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Apr 8th, 2008

I am wondering what the best design would be for this scenerio. I will try not to ramble in too much detail. Any advice is greatly appreciated THANKS IN ADVANCE:)

ISP is changing backbone from a configured Cisco 6509 layer 3 router (ISP owned) to a cloud 6509 will no longer have configuration. I have 28 sites and 30ish VLANs all sites have a Cisco 3500 XL or a Cisco 6506 connecting to the cloud. From what I have read in the forum so far Cisco 3500 XL will not layer 3 route and a 6506 will not layer 3 route without a MSFC blade. We have a G/bit from point to point. Which is really sharing G/bit from 27 sites to G/bit at one site in my mind. All of servers are at one site.

Ideally I think it would be more efficient to have routing equipment at each site and push the VLANs to each site locally and have one shared interconnecting VLAN.

But because we have a limited budget and until we can reach that goal I think we will have to send all traffic to one point either a 6506 with a MSFC blade or a new router.

So to handle the new routing is it better to buy a MSFC blade for a 6506 or buy a newer router?

Also we are what I would call medium sized 6,000 PCs and 50 servers.

Thanks In advance for any advice:)

I have this problem too.
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