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Hi Tom

I have a problem with a PIX 515 is constantly rebooting. I suppose that it's happening when runs the PIX Garbage Collector processes. Do you now what is the reason that this processes make the PIX crash and reboot?

PIX 515

Cisco PIX Firewall Version 6.3(1)

Cisco PIX Device Manager Version 3.0(1)

This is the out of show crashinfo command:

Thread Name: PIX Garbage Collector (Old pc 0x002e0c1c ebp 0x00d1c6a8)

Show processes command:

H* 002e0c1c 0009ff2c 0054dff0 0 00d1b724 1812/4096 PIX Garbage Collector

That's is happening when the PIX Garbage Collector is currently in use.

Thanks a lot



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JORGE RODRIGUEZ Wed, 04/09/2008 - 15:48
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Mario, it seems your PIX is hitting bug ID: CSCec19113 , if you have access to bug tools take a look at it, bug was reported in code 6.3(2), your code is 6.3(1) so most likely your code has this bug even if it was first reported in 6.3(2) first. See if the work around resolves your issue, if not then I would suggest to plan upgrading to the latest code in the 6.x train which is 6.3(5) as the most stable code in 6.x.

PIX crash in thread PIX Garbage Collector in pix_gc


PIX reloads in PIX during garbage collection


When H323 fixup is enabled.


Disable the H323 fixup.

Further Problem Description:

During processing H225 message, it's possible that the

process might be suspended because of printing syslog

messages, and while suspending, the h225 connection that

is associated to the H225 message has timed out causing

the H225 internal data structure to be chunk-freed. Then

the process resums and at the end of the H225 processing

the H225 internal data structure is chunk-freed again.

Having a chunk freed twice causes the chunk to be allocated

and enqueue to the Garbage Collector queue twice at later

time, which in turn, causes corruption in the Garbage Collector

queue resulting in crash.

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JORGE RODRIGUEZ Thu, 04/10/2008 - 07:18
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Hi Mario, when you say already disable the fixup h323 was it already disabled when the crashes happened? in any case, the upgrade should not be that bad, and you know it backup config prior upgrade as well as your running activation keys to be on the safe side etc..

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