ivillegas Wed, 04/16/2008 - 06:10
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Throttled means interrupts were disabled for the interface. We do this for any interface when the input queue is filled. Packets in the input queue are processed before interrupts are enabled again, so no traffic will enter the port. So these may not be desirable. Increase the input queue, but if they still happen, look at the switching path, and see if you can fastswitch traffic without causing some other problem. i.e., look at traffic patterns, the config, sh int, sh int acc, and sh int stat for some clues and ideas. "Throttling" on any interface is a mechanism to give the router cpu a chance to breathe when the inbound load, for those packets/datagrams inbound to process level (a copy from memd to DRAM for the router to work on them) is so high that the cpu can't keep up with them. It takes cycles and time for those things that go to Process level. So, we "throttle" the interface, ie. shut it off momentarily. A single "throttle" could be many inbound packets get into the bit bucket. What kinds of packets get "throttled", you may ask ? ANS: Those that are destined to the router itself (many reasons) Those that have to be process switched (no cache entry, for example). And many more.

Bpdus cause throttles on vlan interface.

Clean up the environment, make sure all inbound can be switched in the faster possible path, i think it will work to resolve problem.


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