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Dear All,

My client using 2 x 6509 connecting through a layer-2 WAN link, the ISP company has restricted there are only 100 mac-address in that link.

My client recently has added more PC in the network and end up there are more than 100 mac-address in the links. My client would like to deny some PCs to pass through that layer-2 link.

Can I use Mac ACL to filter these MAC to 'outgoing' through that physical interface port? Or other way to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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hadbou Wed, 04/16/2008 - 09:07

QoS ACLs,Cisco IOS ACLs ,VACLs are the ACL'S supported by 6500 series switches.

MAC ACL'S can be used to filter based on the MAC address in 6509 switches.

Command to be use for configuring MAC ACL:

set qos acl mac acl_name {dscp dscp | trust-cos} [aggregate aggregate_name] src_mac_spec dest_mac_spec [ethertype] [before editbuffer_index | modify editbuffer_index]


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