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Guys, I have a CM 5.1.3, cvp 4.01 icm 7.

Forst I want to know what everyone thinks is a stable IOS on the 3825 gateways. I am runn 12.4.15t3 and I am having to reboot the gateway from time to time.

I also am wondering about the inbound PRI''s all docs I see all the t1's come into the gateway with a pots dial then go to cvp with a voip dial peer. I have ot setup to go directly to cvp with a voip.

This does have its chalenges if you have did numbers that should go to cm only so what is the normal out there pots and voip or voip only.

I also have the mto checked on the sip trunks and wondering if I really have to.. I want to use a refer transfer and I think we checked this to make it work any thoughts

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I have no issues with 12.4(15)T3 on 3825s at the moment. I strongly suggest upgrading CVP to 4.0(2) and redeploying the upgraded bootstrap.tcl and vxml files to your gateways though.

Make your voip dial peers that send the call to the CVP Call Servers as specific as you can - even all 10 digits. Have another dial peer to catch the others you want to go to CUCM.



Geoff, Thanks... I will try that. Let me ask you a couple questions if you dont mind.

Do you have pots dial-peers for the incoming pri's or do you only use voip.

there is also a blocked dial peer for 987654 that is part of cvp, is the translation pattern for that applied to all dial-peers going to cvp or just tat specific one. I get mixed messages on that,

do dyou have to do anything special to start use the refer transfer method,

I had issues and all my sip trunks have the use mto checked and it is using two mtp's per call. I thought tac made us check the mtp box but I am not sure why we need it.

I asked tac for an example of what we needed to do on the gateways for refer to work but I got nothing.

I know these are a bunch of questions but this is oyr first big install and all works but i am not sure it is optimal.

Thanks for any hints and tips you can provide.

or any sample configs

Riccardo Bua Sun, 04/13/2008 - 23:22
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Hi Mike,

if you use the refer method call will be transferred but it will be recognised as a new call in the ICM, not sure how this might impact on your customer reports.

The blocked dialpeer is to fix a specific scenario and bug associated, we use in a script a "dummy" dialpeer, nothing to be worried about.

The refer scenario is depicted in the SRND with some specific samples.




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