Problems with SCCP and SIP in a multiple CCME scenario

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Apr 14th, 2008

Hi, we have two call manager express:

Site A: CCME with Cisco SIP phones and SCCP phones.

Site B: CCME with Cisco SCCP phones.

In Site A we can call from SIP to SCCP phones and viceversa. Between Site A and B we can call from SCCP to SCCP phones, but we can't call from SIP phones in Site A to SCCP phones in Site B and viceversa.

The trunk is configured in a dial-peer (I think is h323 by default):

dial-peer voice 10000 voip

destination-pattern 001...

session target ipv4:

ip qos dscp cs5 media

How could I solve this problem?


I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Paolo Bevilacqua about 8 years 6 months ago

It's router B that is rejecting the call ?

Check numbers on the remote site, as for ex. if called extension is 404 the actually called number is 001404 so you need to translate that... also try setting the voip dp to sip - session protocol.

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Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 04/14/2008 - 02:27

Hi, set codec g711u on the DPs. You also need a a voip DP with "incoming called-number ."

victorgarciaternero Mon, 04/14/2008 - 03:02

Hi, in the voice register pool 1 we have set the codec g711alaw. Do we change it?

The DNs of the SIP phones are 2.., how do we configure the incoming dial-peer?

Thank you very much.


Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 04/14/2008 - 04:46

Hi, please use g711u not a. Incoming called-number with a pattern that covers all the sip phones, like "." ot "70."

victorgarciaternero Mon, 04/14/2008 - 08:54

Hi, I have done a debug ("debug voice ccapi inout") when the SIP phone in site A calls to SCCP phone in site B, and it returns:

48.535: //2266/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_api_caps_ind:

Call Entry Is Not Found

035950: *Apr 14 15:19:48.535: //-1/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/cc_api_display_ie_subfield




----- ccCallInfo IE subfields -----















cisco-redirectreason=-1 fwd_final_type =0

final_redirectNumber =

hunt_group_timeout =0

035951: *Apr 14 15:19:48.535: //-1/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/cc_api_call_setup_ind_comm


Interface=0x66CAF64C, Call Info(

Calling Number=03219,(Calling Name=)(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=Not

Screened, Presentation=Allowed),

Called Number=001404(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown),

Calling Translated=FALSE, Subscriber Type Str=Unknown, FinalDestinationFlag=T


Incoming Dial-peer=40003, Progress Indication=NULL(0), Calling IE Present=TRU


Source Trkgrp Route Label=, Target Trkgrp Route Label=, CLID Transparent=FALS

E), Call Id=2266

035952: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: //-1/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/ccCheckClipClir:

In: Calling Number=03219(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=Not Screened, Pr


035953: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: //-1/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/ccCheckClipClir:

Out: Calling Number=03219(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=Not Screened, P


035954: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_get_feature_vsa:

035955: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: :cc_get_feature_vsa malloc success

035956: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_get_feature_vsa:

035957: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: cc_get_feature_vsa count is 1

035958: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_get_feature_vsa:

035959: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: :FEATURE_VSA attributes are: feature_name:0,feartu


035960: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: //2266/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/cc_api_call_setup_ind_co


Set Up Event Sent;

Call Info(Calling Number=03219(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown, Screening=Not Screen

ed, Presentation=Allowed),

Called Number=001404(TON=Unknown, NPI=Unknown))

035961: *Apr 14 15:19:48.539: //2266/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/cc_process_call_setup_in



035962: *Apr 14 15:19:48.543: //2266/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/ccCallSetContext:


035963: *Apr 14 15:19:48.543: //2266/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/cc_process_call_setup_in


>>>>CCAPI handed cid 2266 with tag 40003 to app "_ManagedAppProcess_Default"

035964: *Apr 14 15:19:48.543: //2266/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/ccCallProceeding:

Progress Indication=NULL(0)

035965: *Apr 14 15:19:48.547: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_update_feature_vsa:

035966: *Apr 14 15:19:48.547: : updating existing feature vsa

035967: *Apr 14 15:19:48.547: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/CCAPI/cc_update_feature_vsa:

035968: *Apr 14 15:19:48.547: feature call basic

035969: *Apr 14 15:19:48.547: //2266/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/ccCallDisconnect:

Cause Value=3, Tag=0x0, Call Entry(Previous Disconnect Cause=0, Disconnect Ca


035970: *Apr 14 15:19:48.547: //2266/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/ccCallDisconnect:

Cause Value=3, Call Entry(Responsed=TRUE, Cause Value=3)

035971: *Apr 14 15:19:48.727: //2266/0E32B8E59D97/CCAPI/cc_api_call_disconnect_d


Disposition=0, Interface=0x66CAF64C, Tag=0x0, Call Id=2266,

Call Entry(Disconnect Cause=3, Voice Class Cause Code=0, Retry Count=0)

The cause value = 3 in CallDisconnect means "no route to destination". But there are a dial-peer voip with destination-pattern 001..., and session target with de ip address of the remote site. Why the SCCP phone match the dial-peer and not the SIP phone?



Correct Answer
Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 04/14/2008 - 16:46

It's router B that is rejecting the call ?

Check numbers on the remote site, as for ex. if called extension is 404 the actually called number is 001404 so you need to translate that... also try setting the voip dp to sip - session protocol.

victorgarciaternero Tue, 04/15/2008 - 00:49

I think the router at site A doesn`t match the corresponding Dial Peer because when a SCCP phone dials the same number the call is established ok.

Thanks for the insight, I'll keep you posted.


victorgarciaternero Tue, 04/15/2008 - 01:25

Ok everything is working fine with a SIP Dial Peer and g711a (why g711u? In Spain we use g711a).

Is there any possible way to make it work with g729? I've changed the Dial Peer codec and Voice Register Pool and I get this error "cause value=65" which means "bearer capabilities not implemented".

I'm experimenting still, Keep you posted!


Paolo Bevilacqua Tue, 04/15/2008 - 07:26

Hi, g711a is only used on digital interface. On voip, uncompressed is always g711u.

You get bearer capability problems when you try to to use compressed voice and one endpoint cannot. It can be complicated to use as you might need transconding, so begin with g711u first.


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