DiRT Restore Fails on HP DL380 G5

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Hi all,

I am running into this strange issue with DiRT restore and couldn't seem to figure it out. Here is my situation.

I am running Unity 4.0.3 with Exchange2k offbox. Recently my Exchange2k box failed and all data were lost, this Exchange2k box is also running Windows AD. What I have done was I reinstall Windows AD/Exchange2k onto a new HP DL380 G5 and also reinstall Unity and restore the data from DiRT backup and Unity is running on a Cisco MCS-7835 server. But the DiRT restore fails, it hangs at Unity Directory Synchronization (take a look at the attachment) and here is the weird thing. I was able to successfully restore Unity using DiRT restore on the test systems, using 2 IBM destop machines with Unity 4.0.3 running on one box and Windows AD/Exchange2k on the other box. I follow the exact same procedures, using the exact same install CDs but for some reason I could not successfully run DiRT restore with Windows AD/Exchange running on the HP DL380 G5. The only difference that I can think of is when I install Windows on the HP DL380 G5 I have to use the HP SmartStart CD to load Windows. I am wondering if the HP SmartStart CD adds anything to Windows during the install that's causing the issue, other than that I can't think of any other reason why DiRT restore couldn't run successfully with Windows AD/Exchange2k on the HP DL380 G5.

Thanks very much in advance !!!


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