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Apr 14th, 2008

Studying for the CCENT and i want some hands on experience or at least some experience with simulations. I'm in 2 minds, do i wait a few month to save £350 for some kit? or do i buy the CCNA NetSim from Boson? Has anybody used the NetSim's from Boson?

Or may be i could purchase 2 routers with serial/Ethernet interfaces and bring them into work and use the Cisco 2950 switches here...

I think it ties down to how good are the NetSim's from Boson?

Thanks all!

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Hi There

IMHO there is no subsitution for the real thing so my vote goes with getting real Cisco equipment.

It's two years now since I studies for my CCNA (currently working through my CCNP) and I initially tried a number of different simulator products and I found each one of them lacking. Commands not supported, commands giving incorrect printouts and not behaving the way they should.

This turned out to be pretty costly and annoying. Eventually I gave up and bought soem real equipment from Ebay and I have not looked back since.

Another advantage was when I moved on to my CCNP studies I just had to add a few bits to my lab to turn it in to a CCNP lab.

Another option you may want to check out is Dynamips. You will need access to real IOS software, but Dynamips emulates router hardware and allows you to run real IOS software on a PC/Laptop and as you are running real IOS you have all conmmands available and tehy work just like they do on real Cisco hardware.


Best Regards,


grichardson661 Tue, 04/15/2008 - 00:00

Hi Michael, thanks for this.

As i expected!! Cisco kit is the way forward. I'm going purchase the kit for my CCENT, just need to wait until i get paid...

Found some good stuff, i dont much cash at the minute so i was thinking of purchasing this -

Ideally, i would prefer to save and purchase a better lab, but i could do with it now to be honest!

Hi There

That will definately serve you better than simulator software and when you get some more cash you coudl do with adding 1 or 2 more routers which have Fast Ethernet capabilities so you can play with "router on a stick" (ROAS) etc. Also keep an eye out for a 2520/2522 as these are usually cheap and they make great Frame Relay switches.

Also I can vouch for this seller as I have purchased quite a lot of equipment from him and found his service excellent and himself really helpful.

Best Regards,


grichardson661 Tue, 04/15/2008 - 04:57

Sound! Thanks for this :-)

I've just mailed the seller on ebay to see if he has a simular kit but with added ethernet(10/100 BASET) ports.

Is it worth using Ehternet Transceivers on these 2501 routers?


Hi There

The only way to use the Ethernet ports on the 2501's will be with transceivers as I don't believe that they present a Ethernet port that takes a normal (these days) Rj45 port. And you can run all the roiuting protocols over 10 mbps Ethernet.

The problem with 10 mbps ports is that you can not configure trunking as you need Fast Ethernet for this, which is why I recommended picking up at least 1 router with Fast Ethernet ports. This is also one of the main draw backs with the 1900 series switches. All the ports are 10 mbps ports, apart from some models which have 10/100 mbps uplink ports.

Best Regards,


grichardson661 Wed, 04/16/2008 - 02:30

I've purchased some kit, 2 x 2501 (duel serial interfaces) routers and a 2924 Cisco Switch. Should be here this week!

Trunking isn't covered in the CCENT so I'm not to bothered about that at the minute.

From what I've been reading the kit I've purchased will cover the important topics for the CCENT, including, RIP1, RIP2, HDLC, and more...

Looking forward to start trouble shooting WAN/LAN links etc.... :-)


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