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Apr 16th, 2008


I attach my configuration.

There is a problem routing in this configuration, is no possible to ping with this attached configuration to 192.168.15x.x machine and machine.

Now, with this configuration I only can ping to machine...


Best regards and thks.

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Richard Burts Wed, 04/16/2008 - 03:56


I recognize sometimes the need to protect sensitive data. But to post a config about a routing problem in which interfaces are blanked out and ip addresses are hidden is to prevent us from helping you figure out your problem. If we are to be able to help you at all with this issue you must give us reasonable information to work with.



Rick Morris Wed, 04/16/2008 - 05:24

I agree with Rick, it is hard to know what you have set up with everything important removed. One thing I see is your ip route statement.

Right now you have a default route going to ATM1.1 and there is no metric there.

Then you have a route statment for to go out ATM0.1 with a weight of 200.

Remove the weight.

ip route ATM0.1

Then make sure the interface is up/up and that you don't have an acl on the other end blocking ICMP

edgar-quintana Wed, 04/16/2008 - 10:02


First... you are right excuse me!!!!!!!!!!

I only post routing parts because I "play" with routes and metrics and worked fine only one no both.

I'll make the changes

Best regards

edgar-quintana Sat, 04/19/2008 - 02:08


Not helpfull...

I'have added static routes as follows:

ip route ATM0.1 but


what can I do?

lamav Sat, 04/19/2008 - 19:17


Como que usted no entiende lo que te estan pidiendo.

Como putas vamos a poder ayudarte y explicarte cuales son las equivocaciones en el config si has escondido toda la informacion pertinente???

Tenemos que ver todos los IP addresses de todos los interfaces, etc...

Ya basta con esa chingueria, hombre..

Gracias :-)


Rick Morris Mon, 04/21/2008 - 04:58

paste your config as requested in the first reply. This will help understand what you have in place. You are using private IP's so no worry of security there.

Also provide:

sh ip int brief

traceroutes from both directions

along with the config.


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