order of operations (input CB Marking + wccp "in" + PBR)

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Apr 17th, 2008

Hello everybody.

Given the following piece of IOS interface configuration

interface fastethernet0/0

ip policy route-map MYMAP

ip wccp 90 redirect in

service-policy input MYPOLICY

It is my understanding that the expected order of operations will be:

Input Class-based marking

then inbound WCCP

then Policy-based routing

Since I do not have a Content Engine to play with, I would like to know if my assumptions are right or not. I do not know if WCCP is executed before CB Marking or the opposite.

I read "QoS order of operations" and "NAT order of operations" and it is really not clear to me which operation comes first. Since WCCP can be applied in any of the directions, I do not know which case this document is explaining.

Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

regards, Rogelio

I have this problem too.
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