Standby IP Address Is Reported as a Duplicate IP Address

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Apr 18th, 2008

I am Getting the follwing error log frequently in my core switches : %STANDBY-3-DUPADDR: Duplicate address <IP> on Vlan110, sourced 0000.0c07.fc6d .

Also it stops comming automatially after few hours. As per the document in Cisco site it is reated to momentary spanning tree loop / duplicate frame/etherchannel problem. I have checked all the access switches but no log found. Etherchannel is also working fine. Kindly help me ...

I have this problem too.
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sundar.palaniappan Fri, 04/18/2008 - 08:41


I have seen this problem several times in production networks. A good # of times it turned out be a cosmetic bug and the production traffic wasn't affected. If you aren't experiencing any problems the error may be some transient thing and you could ignore it. Instead, if you are seeing HSRP state changes may want to run HSRP debugs to see what's going on.



Satya Siba Sund... Fri, 04/18/2008 - 11:48

Hi Sundar,

You are right. Its not affecting my trafic any way and also there is no impact on HSRP state. But I suspect there might be some spanning tree loop occurance in the Acces Switches and reflecting to core switc which is in the same span area. Again it may grow up and bring instability to my network!!!

Thats Why i just want to know Exactly in which circumstances this error message appears. Kindly give me a clear Idea about this error.

sundar.palaniappan Fri, 04/18/2008 - 12:17

If you suspect spanning tree loop do a 'show spanning-tree vlan (#) detail' in the core switch and it would say whether any topology change occurred in that VLAN and the time change occurred. More importantly it would tell you the port that triggered the topology change and that would help isolate the problem further.




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