stephan.steiner Wed, 04/23/2008 - 00:21
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TAPI and JTAPI support getting and setting that status, and dynamically (meaning it can be activated/deactivated on the fly without the phone needing to perform a soft reset).

AXL also supports it (getPhone, updatePhone) - and while I have tried it (it works at least as far as the DB is concerned) I didn't have a phone connected to see if it needs a softreset.. but in my experience with setting other dynamic states via AXL, AXL isn't the proper technology if you need changes on the fly and have them applied rapidly (e.g. if you want to disable the ringer.. if you do it via AXL the phone will make a softreset and it's only applied after the softreset, whereas when doing the same via JTAPI the change is immediate and there's no soft reset of the phone).

Did you miss the section on DND in the "what's new and changed in ccm6" in the ccm6 release notes? I know DND support is mentioned there.


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