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Apr 24th, 2008

I am looking for clarity of the events that the CTI OS gives while performing the following scenario:

Agent 1 and Agent 2 are logged in.

Agent 1 is in Not Ready state and Agent 2 is in a Ready State.

Agent 1 makes a call to Agent 2.

Agent 1 gets the following events:





The OnCallDelievered event is usually received by both the parties on a call. While this CallStatus value in this event for the Calling party is INITIATE, the CallStatus value in this event for the Called party is ALERTING.

In an almost similar scenario where:

Agent 1 is Logged in

Agent 1 is in a Not Ready state.

Agent 1 makes a call to an extension, in which there is no agent logged in.

Agent 1 gets the following events:




The OnCallDelivered event is not received by Agent 1, even though the extension to which the call was made is ringing. This event is supposed to be received by both the parties. Since there is no agent logged into the extension, I understand it as a matter of factly that there will be no events. But I do not understand why Agent 1 is not receiving this event.

Any information will be highly appreciated.

Thank You,


I have this problem too.
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Abdulbaseer Mohammed Thu, 04/24/2008 - 23:18

This is CTI OS monitoring so. If the agent1 made a call to an non agent logged extension the oncalldelivered event will not be received. This is because the extension is not monitored or CTI OS has no intrest as no agent is logged on that xtn.

hope that helps.


bhaskar27in Thu, 04/24/2008 - 23:23

Hi Baseer,

I understand that CTI OS will have no interest in the extension where agent is not logged in. But to take my explanation a little further where the extension answers the call, the agent 1 knows that the extension has answered the call because the CTI OS sends out an OnCallExtablished event. If what your are saying is to considered, then the CTI OS should not know whether the call on that extension has been answered or rejected. Nevertheless, the Agent 1 knows about these, except whenthe call is riniging on the extension.

I appreciate your involvement in discussing this.

Thank You,


rbua Thu, 04/24/2008 - 23:19

Hi Bhaskar,

this happens because by logging in on the extension you acquire JTAPI monitoring if you are on IPCC or third party control if on a TDM environment on that extension and the information is returned back to the agent, otherwise no event is returned from the JTAPI layer.

There might be a workaround in enabling the JTAPI.INI for network events as per this tech note:


Even if this is something I never tested.



bhaskar27in Thu, 04/24/2008 - 23:37

Hi Riccardo,

I hope you were suggesting to the AllowNetworkEventsAfterOffered parameter in the JTAPI.ini file. I will surely give this oprion a try. However, I am writing a 3rd party call control application and my interface is solely with the ICM via CTI OS. I find it hard to understand why JTAPI related parameters needs to changed or modified and how is it related to the call control that I am doing via CTI OS.

Thanks for your suggestion though.


rbua Thu, 04/24/2008 - 23:47

Hi Bhaskar,

when acquiring third party control the application will receive the events from the monitored objects/devices/agents via the path PIM->OPC->CTISVR->CTIOS hence why I was suggesting to modify the param you just mentioned, there is another issue though, sometimes the events are generated by the other party in a two party call, like in this case, so it is the called party reporting back the event back to CTIOS and not the ACD(in your case IPCC), as the ACD will report only the call established event.

This is the way it works when you build CTI integration, you need to check on the events you receive from the different layers and parties, I would refer you to the SDK Guide for more details.

As I am sure you might be aware, there is a Dev Support Program that helps with this sort of integrations for a limited fee and are extremely competent and responsive.

Hope this helps.



bhaskar27in Fri, 04/25/2008 - 00:09


I quite understand what you are saying.

Thanks for your help.



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