Map D Cvlan associations

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Apr 25th, 2008
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We have a Mapd-CVLAN board on software 6.1.0. We are having an issue

with the "number of associations". We have 2048 on that board and what

constitutes an association with the ICM? Anyone familiar with this animal? Thanks!

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Riccardo Bua Mon, 04/28/2008 - 00:31
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Hi there,

An association is a channel of communication between the adjunct

and the Definity ECS that is used for messaging purpose. An association

begins with initiating capabilities, controlling capabilities manupulate

messages during an association and terminating capabilities end an


Active associations are used for all requests made of the switch by

Avaya PIM. Some of the requests made of the switch remain open for an

indefinite period of time (e.g., event notification requests, monitoring

VDNs) are called Static associations. Other requests end when the switch

returns the response (e.g., value query for time-of-day, third party

controlled calls). These are called transient associations

The available associations at any time is calculated by PIM as follows.

Active Association = Max Association - OutstandingMessage - LockedAssoc


Max Assoc = 2048

Outstanding message= 4 (default value)

Locked association = Number of VDNs monitored + extensions monitored +

split monitored

To check on the ones in use:

Run the Procmon utility and issue the acdperiph command to display information about active associations.

Procmon acdperiph


Avail = is the associations for PIM to use.

Locked = locked static associations by PIM.

OutstandingSent = messages in PIM waiting for response from switch, that constitute transient associations.

Hope this addresses all your needs.



PS. Please rate useful posts accordingly.

umassjsp Mon, 04/28/2008 - 05:55
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Thanks Riccardo! I think at this point we are looking for an upgraded card that can handle more associations. The 8 series. Then when we upgrade Avaya we can head to the AES atmosphere.


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