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Apr 25th, 2008

So I talked to TAC and they say that fast dials are not a service url anymore because they have been integrated right on the phone under Personal Address Book.

The issue is that my users live and die by fast dials. They have a service url button on the phone that they push then they push a number and done.

The new Personal Fast Dials isn't fast at all. It only displays 5 at a time and you have to confirm the call. My users are freaking out because the Service URL button no longer works after the upgrade. TAC gave me a workaround to set a url to the Personal Address book so I can set the Service URL button to look at that but then again it just takes you to the root of the Personal Address Book. Where they have to choose Personal Fast Dials etc. Does anyone know a url that will take you directly to fast dials in the Personal Address book like in 4.1?

Thanks guys

I have this problem too.
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akascarface Mon, 05/05/2008 - 09:39

This isnt exactly what I was looking for. This refrers to a 4.X bug. My issue is with 6.1

In 6.1 they made Fast Dials an integrated part of the directory on the phone The service URL button issue can be resolved by using this Service URL:


The url above puts you directly to the Personal Directory, but from there you still have to choose #2 and then the page only displays 5 fast dials at a time...etc.

What is disapointing is Cisco changed the way this service worked and it is now 2 to 3 times more cumbersome and harder to use.

In essence. There is nothing fast about "Fast Dials" anymore in 6.1

mlitka Mon, 05/05/2008 - 11:08

akascarface -

Thanks for the information. After your upgrade did you find any other end-user impacting changes that we should be aware of? I have been reviewing the Release Notes but haven't found much in the way of descriptions for end-user changes.

Apparently this is a big one for you. Sorry I wasn't able to help.



akascarface Mon, 05/05/2008 - 12:46

The only other changes user will notice when upgrading from 4.X to 5.X/6.X is all users passwords for the "ccmuser" page and service PINs for Extension Moblity will need to be changed to something of the Administrators choice durring install. If you guys are a heavy EM shop you should be prepared to tell all your users about that change and have your helpdesk be prepared to take calls regarding that day 1.

ryhicks Mon, 08/25/2008 - 06:30

You can save a few steps by doing this.

1. Create a phone service named pab

2. Use the following url http://:8080/ccmpd/

3. Add the following service parameters (no default value)

- name

- pin

- userid

4. Go to the phone you would like to add the service to.

5. Go to related links -> Subscribe/Unsubscribe Services 6. Select the pab service you created -> next 7. In the name field enter the device description SEP then MAC (ex. SEP003123456789) 8. In the pin field enter the users pin 9. In the userid field enter users name 10. Click subscribe 11. Click Save 12. Reset the phone

ryhicks Mon, 08/25/2008 - 06:35

Step2 should be 2. Use the following url http://:8080/ccmpd/

arielroza Mon, 08/25/2008 - 13:18

This worked great!

One more requests:

Do you have the URLs to access the Personal Address Book and the Fast Dials directly, without hitting the Personal Directory menu?



agiaccone Tue, 08/26/2008 - 05:58

here they are :

Personal Address Book


Fast Dials


However without providing the sessionid assigned by the Personal Directory menu (that creates the cookie with your credentials) these links are useless, they simply throw a java exception.

If you have the sessionid you can use it appending the sid parameter, for example :




m.batts Fri, 09/12/2008 - 06:14


I'm trying to set this up.When i press the service name pab it goes to the Login screen.Should it also populate the fields and login automatically.

I know the service parameters can be quite fussy.Should name pin and userid all be in lower case.



Yorick Petey Tue, 03/17/2009 - 10:58

Hi mark,

Did you find a solution to this?

I am also trying to configure automatic authentication providing parameters name/userid/pin in the service URL but I still gets the Login Page instead of the choice menu PAB/FastDial.

Thank you.


joeharb Wed, 03/18/2009 - 06:29

Same issue here...anybody have any thoughts on why I would still get prompted even though I have the fields defined. I noticed a question about the case of the parameters...does anyone have a specific answer on this?



agiaccone Thu, 03/19/2009 - 03:27

I tried again the procedure :

in your browser set in the address field :


(with real values obviously)

The output should be an XML with the links to the PFA and PFB and logout, all with the session id set :

Cisco Personal Directory

Select CCM PD Application

Personal Address Book


Personal Fast Dials


Log Out


If so, subscribe the service like explained by ryhicks, just use the http://:8080/ccmpd/ instead of http://:8080/ccmpd/

This worked for me (CUCM 6.1)



Yorick Petey Thu, 03/19/2009 - 04:26

Hi Alberto,

Thank you for your response. It's already what I tried without success.

I am using the last version and UserIDs contain @, because users are synchronized from AD-userPrincipalName... maybe it complicates.

When I call the URL, I get this page:.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Cisco PD Error

PD Error Message

Error in Authentication




Probably because the SID is missing...

joeharb Thu, 03/19/2009 - 05:57

I am getting this same response and I have no @ in the username.....

fernandoaguirre Mon, 03/23/2009 - 17:50


I followed the steps described on the BUG:


where the administrator has to replace the string server-name-or-ipaddr with the actual

name or IP address of the server.

Service Parameters:

pin - required

userid - required

But I get a XLM Analysis Error on the ip phone screen. I have CCM

Did you do anything different from what is described there?? Did you had to change something else??

I need to get to the Personal Address Book with automatic authentication.

Thanks in advance for your help

s.clinard Tue, 03/24/2009 - 07:17

Hey everyone - I've read and followed the instructions near the beginning of this post as well as the Cisco bug ID but can't seem to get the PAB to work as it did in 4.x. I keep getting an authentication error. I am on version and the message is: Error in Authentication - PD Error Message. This occurs in a web browser as well as on the phone. It is an XML message. I have configured the userid and pin as part of the service.

Has anyone run in to this?



robray_sc Wed, 04/08/2009 - 11:56

Here is the Fast Dial URL which is under the PAB.


create 2 parameters: pin & userid

We have a service URL assigned to a line button so the end user has a single button push to this URL and it takes right to their Fast Dials.

I'm running this on cucm 7.0(2)

This is the link about this URL:


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