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Apr 25th, 2008

I just took the CIPT Part 1 for Communications Manager 6 test today. Besides the misspellings and the bad grammar, there were at least a dozen questions on things not covered in the official classroom text. At least 3 of those questions deal with things that are covered in other classes and don't really pertain to the subject of this class: configuring a Communications Manager device. I realize that Cisco wants us to learn to pick up study tools outside of the texts, but there is no way to know what other tools to use because all subjects are, apparently, in play.

Ten years ago Cisco tests were so easy you could thumb through the text and pass the test. It made the certifications worthless. Now Cisco has gone so far in the other direction that there are only 3 ways to study for a test: 1) exhaustively study everything with a Cisco brand name on it, 2) buy the actual questions and answers from the test online, or 3) get used to wasting $150 (per attempt!) to see what “extra” subjects are covered on the exam. I don't have enough time left in my life to do number 1, and I won't do number 2 because I feel that I have to set a good example for my kids (as evidenced by my three unsuccessful attempts at the QoS test before I finally passed it). But I have a hard time blaming anyone who opts for number 3 and buys actual test questions online because they resent Cisco's blatant money grab. When the only valid way to study for a test is pay to sit for the exam just to see what's on it, Cisco takes us for patsies. I have a feeling that many otherwise honest people will recognize Cisco's tactic for what it is and feel justified to just go ahead a buy the questions. When this happens it will make the certifications worthless again.

I think that Cisco owes those of us who steadfastly remain honest, and who are working very hard to earn certifications that really mean something. Cisco needs to create textbooks for Cisco Certified classes that actually cover what's on the tests, or which - at least - point us in the correct direction for further studies.

Paul Smith

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