Hostname change in cnf database for LMS 2.6

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I renamed Ciscoworks LMS 2.6 hostname, suddenly all application stop working, using netpro post I found the problem, after I revert back the hostname application start working, but I have to change the hostname. As per the procedure I was trying to change the cnf database hostname , it says username or password incorrect. I tried all username and password but no luck, I used this command dbisqlc -c"uid=cmfDBA;pwd=dbpassword;eng=cmfEng;dbf=NMSROOT\databases\cmf\cmf.db" -q update PIDM_app_device_map SET app_hostname=`NewhostName' where app_hostname= `OldhostName' I want to solve this issue, please help me.

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jreekers Thu, 05/01/2008 - 16:22
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I'm assuming you're following the procedure outlined here:

Did you enter the command exactly like that (where pwd=dbpassword) or did you use the actual database password...or has that been forgotten? If it's still the default, that would be c2ky2k .

If you *have* changed the database password some time in the past and you just don't recall what the password was changed to, you can try resetting the cmf database pw as follows:

1) Stop the Daemon Manager

c:\net stop crmdmgtd

2) Change the CMF database password:

a-Go to the NMSROOT\CSCOpx\bin directory.

b-Run: perl.exe dsn=cmf encryption=yes npwd=your_new_password_here

3) Start the Daemon Manager:

c:\net start crmdmgtd

Hope this helps,

-Joe R.

Thanks Joe,

This cisco works installation done by sombody else, and system administrator don't the password.This issue in one of my customer place,When i put this command"perl.exe dbpasswd.pldsn=cmfencryption=yesnpwd=your_new_password_here" System says datbase not found.

Anyway I will try once more.Thanks for your help Regards, Sujesh


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