Joe Clarke Wed, 04/30/2008 - 11:19

Please post the output of pdshow. Is this server integrated with ACS? Was the hostname changes recently?

a.perrichon Fri, 05/09/2008 - 01:26

i uninstalled ciscoworks and installed it a second time but the problem still the same. The problem is that the customer installed several new softwares (includinq a SQL base) on the server. So, it may be a conflict ...

Anyway, we choose to reinstall LMS on a new dedicated server. Hoping, it's not a bug in LMS ??

Best Rgds

Joe Clarke Fri, 05/09/2008 - 09:05

There is a known DLL conflict with DFM and recent Microsoft C++ runtime DLLs. That has been fixed in DFM 3.0.3, though. Without more details, I cannot say if that's what you were seeing.


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