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Hi Netpro

How to configure the following?

1)other AS may be directly connected to AS100.configure r1 to accept

bgp routes from backbone 1 that originate only in AS 100 and may other AS

directly connected to AS100. all other BGP routes should be filtered . use a filter -

list with only 1 regular expression to accomplish this.

2)Configure so that TELNET may be possible from R3, R4, SW1, SW2 to loopback 1 of R2

( , available in one router for this

All traffics that occur in loop ( must become block, not include telnet traffic

enter only

Telnet connection for a maximum of 30 second, after 30 second, the connection

should be

close and all of telnet connection should be audit

3)R1 & R3 are connected via F/R.configure ipv6 on both routers but the Ipv6 traffic doesn't traverse the frame-relay interfaces.configure ripng between these 2 routers

Thanks a lot for ur help

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