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Apr 30th, 2008
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getting the following error when calling a dn.

Cause i = 0x82E1 - Message type not implemented

Dialing phone to phone (4 digit) works fine. Any thoughts? Route Plan Report shows no overlapping

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mlitka Wed, 04/30/2008 - 12:22
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Are you pulling this from your gateway or trace logs from your CUCM? Can you be a bit more specific about the DN you are calling? Is this an internal or external call?

balitewiczp Wed, 04/30/2008 - 12:31
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Pulling it from debug q931 off the gw. Actual number is external coming in through PRI. It originates as an inbound 800#, terminating on the 9200 DID

mlitka Wed, 04/30/2008 - 12:47
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Does dialing the DID number work? Can you post the full debug?

balitewiczp Wed, 04/30/2008 - 12:53
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Dialing the terminating DID number does not work. Here is the debug

*Apr 30 20:55:14.010: ISDN Se2/0:23 Q931: RX <- SETUP pd = 8 callref = 0x03EB

Bearer Capability i = 0x8090A2

Standard = CCITT

Transfer Capability = Speech

Transfer Mode = Circuit

Transfer Rate = 64 kbit/s

Channel ID i = 0xA98381

Exclusive, Channel 1

Calling Party Number i = 0x2181, '6309558983'

Plan:ISDN, Type:National

Called Party Number i = 0x80, '9200'

Plan:Unknown, Type:Unknown

*Apr 30 20:55:14.062: ISDN Se2/0:23 Q931: TX -> SETUP_ACK pd = 8 callref = 0x83EB

Channel ID i = 0xA98381

Exclusive, Channel 1

*Apr 30 20:55:14.090: ISDN Se2/0:23 Q931: RX <- STATUS pd = 8 callref = 0x03EB

Cause i = 0x82E1 - Message type not implemented

Call State i = 0x06

*Apr 30 20:55:14.134: ISDN Se2/0:23 Q931: TX -> DISCONNECT pd = 8 callref = 0x83EB

Cause i = 0x80E5 - Message not compatible with call state

*Apr 30 20:55:14.158: ISDN Se2/0:23 Q931: RX <- RELEASE pd = 8 callref = 0x03EB

*Apr 30 20:55:14.202: ISDN Se2/0:23 Q931: TX -> RELEASE_COMP pd = 8 callref = 0x83EB

mlitka Wed, 04/30/2008 - 13:11
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Are you sure you have the correct ISDN switch type configured? Since this sounds like a D channel error, perhaps the signaling is not compatible? Does the error occur just on this DID?

Jaime Valencia Wed, 04/30/2008 - 14:11
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do all the other numbers come in on thru the SAME PRI??

or do they use a different PRI??



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mlitka Thu, 05/01/2008 - 04:57
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Did you port these numbers from another carrier? Perhaps they didn't port this DID correctly? Is it a part of another DID block or is a single number?

lbjr Tue, 11/09/2010 - 14:16
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I know this is an old Post, but I am having the same issue with the exact same setup mess

age you are getting, it is only happening on one DID, Telco is saying

Gateway is sending a Set_ACK instead of Call Proceding thus

they are sending back a "Message type not Implemented". Did you ever r

esolve this?

Steven Holl Wed, 11/10/2010 - 07:55
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Looks like you have an overlapping dialplan on that number somewhere.

The Setup_Ack is sent if overlap receiving is enabled.  For MGCP that is controlled with 'Overlap Receiving Flag for PRI' service parameter in CM, and is enabled by default.  For H323/SIP, issue 'no isdn overlap-receiving' which is disabled by default.  That will prevent the setup_ack from going out.

The error from the provider is a result of either your provider not supporting overlap sending, or perhaps you are configured for the wrong ISDN switch type.


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