CallManager CCM DMA Data Migration Assistant taking over 12 Hours

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May 1st, 2008

We are doing an upgrade from CallManager 4.1 to 6.1. We are running the DMA (Data Migration Assistant). We started the DMA last night and let it run all night and came in today and it was still running at the same place it was when we left last night. It was at the point of "Validating Data" ( see below )

My Question is has anyone had it run this long? It looks like from other posts that it can run for hours. This site has about 10 Gateways and 300 - 400 phones. We had it running for 14 hours or more..... is this normal?

[12:58:27 PM] Ready to build archive. Size of staging directory is 25MB.

[12:58:27 PM] Wait for validation result to create tar file.

[12:58:28 PM] Validating exported Cisco CallManager database and directory data.

[12:58:28 PM] This can take a long time, depending on the size of the database and directory. Be patient.

[12:58:28 PM] Estimated time to complete data validation is about 50 minutes.

[12:58:28 PM] Accessing database...

Validating Data..............

Any info is appreciated.



I have this problem too.
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craiglcve Thu, 05/01/2008 - 13:07

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the info. I did read that post and it looks like they were running into a couple bugs. Our DMA never quits refreshing it looks like it is still in fact running but I was more curious if someone had it successfully run at time period of upwards of 24 hours.



etmarcof Mon, 01/18/2010 - 17:00

Hi  Rob,

I'm using DMA 6.1.4b as you adivsed to me in another post. Now i'm hitting the long time process of DMA. It stucks in Validating....

. I couldn't access the link of the thread you posted in past. Any suggestions?


Best Regards


ayazalined Wed, 05/07/2008 - 02:56

Dear Craig,

Can u please help me in installing DMA 6.0(1) on the CCM 4.2(3) Publisher.I am not able to installed this utility and all the process is rolling back. Please find the attached DMALog file in this post for your reference indicating some errors.

Please help me in this regard.

craiglcve Wed, 05/07/2008 - 09:32

I uninstalled DMA and Informix and re-installed them both and it worked in an hour.

I would make sure that you run the Unified Communications Manager Upgrade Utility to verify that your system is ready for the upgrade. If you have any errors when you run the Upgrade utility you need to resolve those first. I would recommend just following this URL that has all the steps you will need to run the upgrade utility, install informix, install DMA, and export the data.

Pre-Upgrade check list/steps

Upgrade Guide

I didnt have time to go through your logs Im stuck in the middle of a big install but I hope the above info helps a little.



ayazalined Wed, 05/07/2008 - 21:06

Dear Craig,

Thanks for your reply.As per your post,I have run the upgrade utility and i have found the failed status in 2 at software validation and the second one at Hardware validation.

By the way, I have MCS7816I3-K9-CMA2 server which supports CUCM6.0 and the Cisco Call Manager has 4.2(3) software with OS upgrade patches of

4.2 and its service release upto Sr6 but the upgrade utility is asking for sr10. But i have OS upgrade 4.4a patches. Can i install this OS upgrade on this machine to pass the software validation.

Can u please guide me what should be minimum OS patches and its service release should be on the machine in order to install the DMA perfectly?

I will highly appreciate for your urgent response.

craiglcve Thu, 05/08/2008 - 09:31

What do you see in the OS Version Utility? If you go to Start -> Programs -> OS Version Utility. What version do you have exactly?

rob.huffman Thu, 05/08/2008 - 15:33

Hi Ayaz,

Just to add a note here (by the way Craig, thanks for posting back with your fix right in the midst of such a busy time +5 points for this :)

The upgrade Assistant is asking for a minimum of OS 2000-2-4-SR10 and you have 2000-2-4-SR6. SR10 is available here;

You could also try 2000-4-4a which you already have the patches for. The latest OS for CCM 4.2.3 is 2000-4-5b-sr10 but this would take a few steps to get to. So maybe try the one that the Utility is asking for first.

Hope this helps!


ayazalined Thu, 05/08/2008 - 20:42


Thanks for your help. I will try this using the OS 2000-4-2-SR10 OS upgrade.By the way, the CCM version utility shows like that:-

OS image 2000.2.5.

OS Service Release 2000.4.2sr6.

OS upgrade 2000.4.2


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