redundant connection over wan network

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May 3rd, 2008


we have two 7606 routers on the wan edge, and thirteen 3845 routers in the wan.From each 3845 to 7606 there is two links; one of them is leased and the backup is vsat. vsat is on the first 7606 called 7606-1 and leased lines are on the second 7606 called 7606-2. Ok, the story begins :).... vsat is our backup, whenever each of our leased lines goes down our vsat takes the action and our connectivity will be over vsat. vsat modems are connected to

7606-1, and we have thirteen tunnels which are between our 7606-1 gig 1/4 and 3845 gig 0/0 (our tunnels' source and destination ips is on our physical interfaces) and the tunnels' ip addresses itselves are unnumbered to loopback interface(loopback is in the ospf area 0). ok, we wanna redundant our vsat connectivity, in the other word in the case our 7606-1 goes down, our connectivity with vsat won't be lost. All of our vsat connections are terminated in a vlan(I mean, all of vsat modems are in a vlan)...ok, now we wanna have a connetion from that vlan to

7606-2(now, only 7606-1 is connected to that vlan)... we have to create the same tunnels that we have on 7606-1 for vsat on 7606-2 ... for the purpose of creating that tunnels I have to create a new loopback on 7606-2 to unnumber the new tunnels' ip addresses to it...Oops we have to use new ip addresses ... Is there any way to solve this problem with HSRP and dont use any new ip address?

I have this problem too.
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