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May 6th, 2008


I have a pair of Sun Directory Proxy servers behind our CSS with the following config...


!************************** SERVICE **************************

service DirProxy_mmcdif22_636

keepalive type tcp

keepalive tcp-close fin

keepalive port 636

ip address


service DirProxy_mmcdif62_636

keepalive type tcp

keepalive tcp-close fin

keepalive port 636

ip address


!*************************** OWNER ***************************

owner Security

content DirProxy_pdd4_636

add service DirProxy_mmcdif22_636

add service DirProxy_mmcdif62_636

protocol tcp

port 636

vip address

balance aca

flow-timeout-multiplier 200


!*************************** GROUP ***************************

group v4DirProxy_group

add destination service DirProxy_mmcdif22_636

add destination service DirProxy_mmcdif62_636

vip address


<<< END CONFIG >>>

During a recent outage of mmcdif62, all existing connections appear to have been 'orphaned' on the CSS for approximately 53 minutes... which correlates with the 'flow-timeout-multiplier 200' config on this content rule.

Is there any way to overcome these 'orphaned' connections during a failure scenario as shown above?

Also, is it possible to configure the CSS to act upon source IP address info? If so, perhaps this would be a solution to our problem.



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Gilles Dufour Tue, 05/06/2008 - 10:42


we consider the application should recover from this by itself.

If the client keeps retransmitting and the server does not respond, the application should reset the connection and open a new one which would then be loadbalanced to a working server.

The ACE module has a feature to automatically kill connections linked to a dead server.

Unfortunately this feature does not exist on the CSS.

Regarding the client ip address, you have configured a group to do client nat.

The server will therefore lose the client info.

This is however not related to the connection hang issue.



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