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I gave 2 L3 switches and I'm in a process of configuring redundancy using HSRP.

I currently have my main switch (3560G)configured with 4 VLANs, each use an IP that is the Default gateway for it's network

my secondary switch (3550) is also configured with the same VLANs and different IPs

I have dozens of vendor routers and local servers & PCs (not all of them using DHCP) and changing the D\G for all of them is not doable.

what would be the best way moving setting HSRP using 3560G's IPs as the virtual address and assigning it with new physical IPs?

also, I was thinking starting with 1 VLAN (take the one that can survive issues if something goes wrong), other then pinging both physical IPs & the virtual one, what would be the best way testing if it's working?

I have this problem too.
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Edison Ortiz Tue, 05/06/2008 - 07:50

If you are unable to change all the end-stations default gateway, then the right course of action is swapping the IPs from the physical interface to the VIP.

I recommend doing this procedure during a maintenance window.

In order to verify things are working, you can issue the show standby command on both L3 devices participating in the HSRP process and it will display the neighbor device and which device is acting as the primary gateway from that network.





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