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hi! i've 2x 6509 currently running in our LAN with 2x sup engines in each chassis, but i noticed that there are actually 5 "routers" configured in these 4 sup engines, each with the same standby ip on each vlan. I think there are running on hsrp. Just wonder, why are there additional one "router" here.

chassis a (priority of 90 and 110)

chassis b (priority of 120 and 80)

There's additional "virtual"(that's what i think) with priority of 120.

In this case will there be any load balancing between the 4 sup engines/routers? or just 1 in each chassis?

Please advise. Thanks.

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hi! To add on to my previous post.

I also noticed that there's one vlan with the following priority set

chassis a (priority of 120 and 80)

chassis b (priority of 90 and 110)

"virtual" with priority of 90.

Is that a problem in the configuration? shouldn't it be 120 for the virtual sup engine/router?


Istvan_Rabai Wed, 05/07/2008 - 10:43
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Hi David,

To be frank, based on your configs you provided I can't figure out why there is a "Virtual IP".

Is there any special config you use between these 2 6509s?

If possible, please post the full running-configs of both.



hi! There are 4 sup engine with different individual IPs + 1 additional "virtual IP". I can actually telnet into the 5 IPs below.


virtual IP/gateway

core 1-1

core 1-2

core 2-1

core 2-1

What i do not understand is that, i can also telnet into the "virtual" router, where i can see a set of configuration as well. Basically all the config for the 4 routers + the virtual are the same except the priority for each vlan at each router.

Can explain on this? It's not quite possible to paste the config of the routers here.

hi! one thing i noticed is that, whatever vlan group's virtual ip that i telneted in, the virtual gateway/ip will always be the same host/router name with the core1-1 in the route config screen. All the config between core1-1 and the virtual router are the same, but i'm not sure whether i can make changes in the "virtual" gateway.

Please explain if anyone of you know anything about this config in 6509. Thanks.


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