Accounting record not sent (Aironet 1131AG)

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May 7th, 2008

I have problem with accounting on my Cisco Aironets 1131AG configured into WDS domain. There arent sent any START-STOP radius records. Why???

Cisco Aironet, Software Version 12.4(10b)JA3

---------------- debug msg -------------------

May 7 18:58:34: %DOT11-6-ASSOC: Interface Dot11Radio0, Station 0012.f004.1d4e Associated KEY_MGMT[WPAv2]

May 7 16:58:34.111: AAA/ACCT/NET(00000014): Pick method list 'acct_methods'

May 7 16:58:34.112: AAA/ACCT/SETMLIST(00000014): Handle B6000004, mlist 010F5EE8, Name acct_methods

May 7 16:58:34.112: AAA/MLIST Ref count of of mlist 0x10F5EE8 raised to 2

May 7 16:58:34.112: AAA/ACCT(00000014): Type NET: Periodic timer initialized

May 7 16:58:34.112: dot11_aaa_start_accounting: Starting accounting for user: mbe

May 7 16:58:34.112: AAA/ACCT/EVENT/(00000014): NET UP


May 7 16:59:08.995: dot11_aaa_stop_accounting: Stopping accounting for user: 0012.f004.1d4e

May 7 16:59:08.996: AAA/ACCT/EVENT/(00000014): NET DOWN

May 7 16:59:08.996: dot11_aaa_upd_accounting: Updating attributes for user: 0012.f004.1d4e

May 7 16:59:08.997: AAA/ACCT/HC(00000014): DOT11/00C07260 [sess] (rx/tx) base 0/0 pre 496/858 call 1593/1956

May 7 16:59:08.997: AAA/ACCT/HC(00000014): DOT11/00C07260 [sess] (rx/tx) adjusted, pre 496/858 call 1097/1098

May 7 16:59:08.997: AAA/ACCT/NET(00000014): Accounting record not sent

---------------- config snip -------------------

aaa group server radius t-radius

server auth-port 2812 acct-port 2813

aaa group server radius t-radius-acc

server auth-port 2812 acct-port 2813

aaa authentication login default local

aaa authentication login eap_methods group t-radius

aaa authentication login WLCCP group t-radius

aaa authorization network WLCCP group t-radius

aaa accounting delay-start

aaa accounting update periodic 5

aaa accounting network acct_methods start-stop group t-radius-acc

aaa accounting connection acct_methods start-stop group t-radius-acc

dot11 ssid bigspace

vlan 67

authentication open eap eap_methods

authentication network-eap eap_methods

authentication key-management wpa

accounting acct_methods

mbssid guest-mode

wlccp ap username AP1 password XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

wlccp authentication-server infrastructure WLCCP

wlccp authentication-server client any WLCCP

ssid bigspace

wlccp wds priority 200 interface BVI1

radius-server attribute 32 include-in-access-req format %h

radius-server attribute 32 include-in-accounting-req format %h

no radius-server attribute nas-port

radius-server host auth-port 2812 acct-port 2813 key XXXXXXXXXXXXX

radius-server retransmit 2

radius-server timeout 10

radius-server deadtime 3

radius-server vsa disallow unknown

radius-server vsa send accounting

radius-server vsa send authentication

I have this problem too.
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Yosef Gunsburg Sun, 04/08/2012 - 21:56

I know this is late, but I think it can be helpful to those trying to send RADIUS accounting information.

I tried this out, and the reason this seems not to be sending the accounting information is because of the delay-start.
The delay-start does not seem to work with 802.11 connection accounting.

Yosef Gunsburg Sun, 04/08/2012 - 22:28

The delay-start option will wait until the NAS knows the client's IP address before sending an accounting request. This way, if the request should include the IP address it will be available.

For 802.11 the delay-start prevents the NAS from sending a request altogether.


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