LMS and AAS coexistence

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David Stanford Thu, 05/08/2008 - 05:19
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I haven't see anyone attempt to do this before, but I would not recommend it. As CAAS 2.1 does file transfers and has web server there is going to be port contention. This may lead to one or both of the applications not working properly if at all.

Packet capture is a very important part of CAAS and this could cause more problems when installed with LMS as it also has a packet capture tool built in.

Also keep in mind that LMS does not support some of the operating systems that CAAS supports including linux and windows XP.

CAAS = Opnet ACE?

curious, are you constrained by hardware? if so, light up MSVS and see how it goes splitting virtually...

ps Joe - understood that VMware is supported for LMS; any word on official MSVS support for those shops with ... err ... forced political connections to Redmond? (ie unable to choose VMware)




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