Could not remote access a Cisco VPN client enabled laptop

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I have a laptop A which is configured to vpn to my customer site. I brought it back to my office site and tested that the vpn client is ok and connected. Then i try to remote access this laptop A from another laptop B via another interface in laptop A and I failed to connect at all. However, when i disabled the cisco vpn interface, I could remote access this laptop A from laptop B without any issue.

Question is:

Is there a way to configure the laptop A with remote access while it connected to customer site via vpn?

Action taken:

I have 2 interfaces in laptop A, namely Wireless and LAN. vpn tunnels will be going through LAN interface and remote access will be through Wireless. Hence, I have configure two different subnet for Wireless and LAN. But still failed to remote access from laptop B to laptop A when laptop A is vpn connected.

Any advise?

Thanks in advance.


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If I was your customer I would be really concerned you are trying to do this - as "anyone" in your remote location can use the laptop as a jumping off point into the remote my opinion - not good. I hope you have express permission from your customer to do this?

"Split- tunnled" is only encrypting specific IP subnet traffic - say on, all other traffic leaves the laptop normally thru the NIC onto the local subnet.

"Tunnel All" is when the VPN is connected and ALL traffic is encrypted, no traffic will leave into the local subnet. You are encrypting

If you have a tunnel all - then you will not be able to connect to the laptop from your local subnet while the VPN is established.

The configuration is on the Concentrator - you need to change the "encryption subnet" for your VPN profile.



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