Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 05/14/2008 - 11:29

When the MCU layout has one window larger than the rest, the active speaker will always move to the largest window.

The Cisco IPVC 35xx MCU voice-activated full screen video switching with the following viewing options:

All see one. Only the active speaker appears. See you, see me. The active speaker can see the previous speaker or their own image. Continuous Presence (CP) mode. The CP image, called a layout, is a composite of incoming participant video images. The range of available video layouts depends on the type of media processing your network supports.

The following options are available: All Cisco IPVC 35xx MCUs support four CP, displaying a screen of four quadrants of equal size, each displaying the video image of a different participant. With Rate Matching Module or Enhanced Media Processor support, the Cisco IPVC 35xx MCU can support up to 16 participants simultaneously on the same screen. Zoom to highlight the current speaker. Multiple conference views in the same conference supporting dynamic layouts, auto-switching, and voice-activated video switching (requires EMP support). Dynamic Layout mode switches the video image layout to match the number of participants in the conference as participants join and leave the conference (requires EMP support). Auto-switching mode that periodically replaces participant images with those of other participants. Flexible viewing options in cascaded conferences so you can view and manage cascaded participants.


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