New Cat4506-E Supervisor IV card does not power on.

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I just received a brand new 4506-E with a supervisor IV card. I also have a 48 port gig Ethernet card. I powered it on and there are no status lights on any blade. The fan light is green as are the power lights. My VAR sent a new supervisor card and it also does not appear to come on. I noticed that there is no flash card in either of them. Is this required?

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I've run into this issue on a couple of 4500s. Make extra sure that the cards are pushed all the way into the slots. The captive screws can be screwed all the way in and the ejection levers can be pushed all the way back but the card is still not fully seated.

Unbelievable! My first thought when I read your post was "yeah sure, whatever" :-) I have reseated these cards a half dozen times. I will never doubt you again.

I guess it's time to go back to the gym. I gave them a little extra push and they come on now.

Thank you very much. Now it's time to humble up to the VAR.

Blame the Cat 4500 group. That chassis does not like to be shipped! Just a little bump and the thing deforms enough to make the cards seat improperly. Glad you got yours running.


Makes me worry a little actually; half a millimeter means the difference between live switch and dead switch. I just have to hope that an over zealous engineer or a heat cycle doesn't pop the module out.

glen.grant Tue, 05/13/2008 - 14:57
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I have seen on more than 1 4500 supervisor and you have to reseat even though they look like they are pushed all the way in.


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