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May 13th, 2008


i am trying to learn cisco and i have passion to learn

I know wat i am asking is gonna be really long and complicated but i would really appreciate any help to get me started

My question is

I have three 2600 routers with two wic 1t cards in each of them and one 2500 series frame relay router

with that i have 2 2950 switches to make the my home lab better

I also managed to have 2 laptops with 2003 server edition on each of them

Now i want to set up an production enviroment example with these equipment in my home

I dont have any experience in real world

so if somebody could assist me getting that done or provide me some examples how the topology could be?

and provide me some examples of making one laptop a dhcp or dns and then using the commands on the router like ip name-server or ip dhcp pool etc or using radius on one laptop and setting up aaa on routers etc

Please help

Gursaran S Abott

I have this problem too.
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Hi Gursaran

Just wondering if you have all the required cables to connect all your equipmnet together?

If you check out my first response in this post

you will see where I outlined the cables required for a lab pretty similar to your own lab.

I also attached a diagram of how I would connect the equipment for Cisco studies. You might find this of some use.

As for configuring DHCP, DNS and Radius on your laptops, I will leave that to someone else. I am mostly a Unix/Linux person and have little or no experience setting up these services on Windows. However I am sure that if you "google" you will find lots of useful information on how to do this. For DHCP, remember that you can configure a Router as a DHCP server and this is a useful skill to be familiar with.


Best Regards,


gurkamal01 Wed, 05/14/2008 - 15:12

Hi michael

i appreciate your response

I wanted to what cable do i need for a router which has a smart serial interface(USB type flat)called the WIC-2t

these are two flat usb-type(db-26) serial interfaces in one module

how do connect these to other routers back to back for the home lab

should the smart serial side (db26)of the cable be the DTE side and the other DCE or vice versa coz i saw one on ebay

moreover if i buy a 2509 or 2511 access router how much dram and flash you recommend

and what ios version

please help


Hi There

Do all your routers have the WIC-2T SS interfaces or do you have a mixture? Your original post stated that all your routers had 2 x WIC-1T interface cards installed.

If you are connecting two routers which each have the WIC-2T SS interfaces, then you will need a SS/DCE to SS/DTE back to back cable.

If you are connecting a router with a WIC-2T SS interface to a router whcih has a WIC-1T DB60 interface then you have the option of

a. SS/DCE to DB60/DTE back to back cable

b. DB60/DCE to SS/DTE back to back cable.

As to which of these cables to buy, that will depend on how you are going to connect your routers.

Again, in your original post you mentioned that you have a 2500 series router as your frame switch. The 2500 series routers have the older DB60 serial interfaces. Also the Frame switch should supply the clocking on the link (DCE), so if you are connecting a router with a WIC-2T SS interface to the 2500 Frame switch, then you should get a DB60/DCE to SS/DTE cable as the DCE end of the cable will go to the frame switch.

If you are just making a serial connection (not Frame relay) between 2 routers with different serial interfaces, then it really does not matter which cable you buy. Just remember that whichever end is the DCE end, this is the interface which will have the "clockrate xxxxxxx" command configured.

If you buy a 2509/11 access router and you only plan on using it as an access router then it really will not matter too much about the IOS version or the ammount of Flash/DRAM.

The maximum amount of Flash/DRAM for a 2500 series router is 16F/16D and this can usually be picked up on the like of Ebay pretty cheaply. I think my two 2511's have 16D/8F and are running IOS 12.1.

If you are planning on using the 2 serial ports on the 2509/11 as links in your lab, then you might want to consider maxing out the Flash and DRAM and trying to get IOS 12.3 (which is the latest IOS a 25xx router will run).

In my own home lab, my access routers on ONLY for access and my Frame switches are ONLY Frame switches. These routers play no other part in my lab. So I do not worry about the IOS or the Flash/DRAM on these boxes.


Best Regards,



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