How to Change Agent State to "Ready" After Not Answering a Call

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the system force the agent to not ready after ring no answer, like when a call arrive into the agent desktop and the agent didnot take this call it rings for 10 sec and change the agent to not ready, so I donot want the agent to be not ready after ring no answer I want him to be ready even if he didnot take that call, I found the below link but it works only with IPCCX.

OK, so you have RONA configured. The job of RONA is to set the agent to not ready since they did not answer the call that was delivered to them. If it does not do that, they will be delivered another call which will also RONA and so on. Why did the agent not answer the call?

Can you explain the agent behaviour a little better? Is setting the line to auto-answer in Call Manager (so they get the zip tone on call delivery) a better proposition? Are agents leaving their desks without going "not ready"?




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