Warp-up codes in web view reports

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wiwebb Thu, 05/15/2008 - 09:54

A few things here:

1. Are wrap-up codes configured in ICM?

2. Do the Agent Desk Settings force Wrap-Up Codes?

3. Are the wrap-up codes enabled in CAD Admin or have they been entered into the Windows Registry of the CTIOS Servers if you are using CTIOS?

If the codes are configured in ICM and enabled on the desktop, then you should be able to run reports like agent30 or agtskg03...

- Bill

Terminology can be confusing. Let's make sure we are all talking about the same thing.

What you configure in ICM are "reason codes" - not ready reason codes and logout reason codes. In the latest CAD these are pushed up to CAD - CAD cannot define them, as it could in the past. Depending on the workflow you can select different codes to populate the list the agent selects from. Some system operations (like when the Supervisor changes an agent's state from ready to not ready remotely) have their own predefined reason codes.

What you can additionally configure in the system is "wrapup data". I use that term because that's what it's called in the TCD (Termination_Call_Detail) table. It's a 40 character field that has no corresponding index - so it's not a code. I'd rather not call this "Wrap-Up Codes".

So - what are we talking about?



Yes, there is no WebView report. As I said, wrap-up DATA (there is no "code") is written to the TCD. Since there is no code, and no indexing, it's impossible for a standard WebView report to show this. Wrap-up data and reason codes are worlds apart.

You could probably create a custom WebView report with Infomaker to show the wrap-up data, although I have not done this.




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