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May 17th, 2008
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Is it possible to create a complicated Transfer To IVR Outbound operation with CVP Studio scripting? With menus, info prompts and all? Is there a workaround to use ECC variables? Can't I at least get the ANI?

Thank you

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Yes. I have implemented this. This is non-trivial.

It's a combination of ICM scripting and Studio scripting. Forget ECC or Call variables. You need to rely on just "BAAccountNumber" as the way to get data between the inbound CVP application and the outbound CVP application, normally through a back-end database.

I assume in the inbound CVP you are asking the customer if you can call them back, and asking them for a number on which you can call them. Then your CVP app writes a import file (including BAAccountNumber as a cross-referencing key) for the Outbound Dialer to import.

When the Dialer calls them and they answer, you do a transfer to your "outbound" CVP application and talk to them.

Good luck with this. It does work, but it takes a bit of fiddling around.



Bozzy2008 Mon, 05/19/2008 - 10:39
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Hi Geoff,

Actually I saw that those tricks are not necessary at all because even the document says the opposite, I saw that the called number by the ANI does appear in the routing script, all I need to do is use this number to gather data from databases on CVP Studio application. I didnt fully implemented it yet but since I see the ani and carry it around, I think I can do lots of things without asking the called party any information at all.

Hope that will work.

Is there anything else I need to be careful about?

Thank you

I was doing something complex. I have an inbound banking application integrated to a database.

When the customer requests a certain type of banking transaction, it starts a workflow in two stages. The second stage is to tell the Outbound Dialer to send them a call on their phone number registered in the database and run a CVP application.

When they answer, this asks them to confirm that the first stage of the transaction is correct and to activate the second stage by entering their PIN. This is a high level security operation.

Why don't you describe your application?

What if the customer wants to be called back on a different phone?

What's your real name Bozzy2008?




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