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I have setup a Cisco WAAS Proof Of Concept on a client site, I am currently having issues with the deployment because the LAN interface of WAN Edge router (Cisco 3640) is a 10baseT half duplex mode while other connections are full duplex.

Quick question, I spoken to the customer on this but he needs assurance that this problem is their network and if they purchase another card/router the situation will improve. The Customer has checked his Management Console System( Fluke superagent) but does not see any change in bandwidth consumption as we committed with Cisco WAAS. The Fluke superagent monitiors the WAN Edge router Wan interface .

I suppose with DRE tchnology, the bandwidth consumption should be lower because from my central manager I see a cetain amount of %bandwidth reduction but this is not visible on the Fluke management System Some of the application used include Internet, Oracle, MCAfee, T24,Intranet.

Attached is a sample of my Sh tfo and Sh dre output

Thanks a million

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dstolt Tue, 05/20/2008 - 12:09
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You devices are definitely optimizing the majority of the traffic it sees (50%). Does that customer see a large amount of UDP traffic that maybe overwhelms the TCP optimizations? The encode (outbound) traffic savings is roughly 20 MB, however the decode (inbound) savings is around 180 MB.

Can the customer compair the traffic on the LAN verses the traffic on the WAN link? That might be a better measure then just comparing WAN links which vary upon user whims.



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