EIGRP Failover Issue

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Having what appears to be an issue with EIGRP and router failover. We currently have multiple edge routers, one edge (MPLS)router serves as the primary link and another edge (Internet Based VPN) serves as our backup for remote offices. All edge routers run BGP/EIGRP mutually redistributing routes from BGP into EIGRP and Vice Versa. Our Core only speaks EIGRP, receiving routes from the Edge. When the primary link fails, traffic is divereted to the backup link as expected. when the primary link returns, the CORE doesn't remove the less desired route for the desired mpls edge, it continues to use the less desired VPN edge....

On the remote end, we are only speak BGP, peering with both the carrier and directly peering with our backup VPN router. We use the "BGP Weight" command to decide which link is desired and this works well...

During test, we noticed that the remote end, after the primary link is restored correctly receiveds and advertises routes to the primary carrier peer but our core still uses the backup edge router... the only thing that resolves the issue is a clear BGP peer or drop the backup GRE tunnel thus causing the Core to lose the previous installed - less desirable route.

We've tried Metric, AD and Bandwidth (BGP) Manipulation but no success.

Any help for what seems to be an straight forward issue, is greatly appreciated.

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lamav Thu, 05/22/2008 - 10:37

I think it would help if you can post the configs of all the routers involved at the edge and the core.

a little diagram wouldnt hurt either.


lamav Fri, 05/23/2008 - 04:36

Im not sure what the model routers have to do with anything....

Why dont you post the configs so we can see whats going on??


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