suelange Fri, 05/23/2008 - 11:01

I did my CCNA using's pod rental and study guides plus I also used various other books. But his guide and lab work book are great and very affordable.

You can probably do the router stuff using the Dynamips program (free, as long as you already own a cisco router that gives you the right to use a cisco IOS...the dynamips program can not give you the IOS).

Only issue with Dynamips is it can't simulate switch so you can't see what spanning tree and vlans are doing. You really need a lab with two switches to pull that off. That's where Chris Bryant's stuff helps. He's got great material, check it out. Very affordable.


I tried to pass the CCNA with only using an 871W, but I failed. I got a couple of 2501 routers from for $200 and then I was able to create almost every lab scenario that I remembered seeing on the test. Then I passed!

You need to know the serial connections inside and out and frame-relay too!

Good Luck!!!



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