Bonded ADSL Issue - 2811

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May 27th, 2008
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Hi All

I have a 2811 with 2 ADSL cards that are bundled using MLLP. Problem is the internet connection frequently (every couple of days) seems to slow right down almost to nothing, I get intermittent connection to the internet and struggle to telnet remotely onto the router - however if I keep trying, eventually I get onto the router (remotely) and perform a reload - then everything returns to normal speed.

Any Ideas?




I enclose a copy of a show ver - because i seem to recall hearing that there was bug that caused this (but I could be making that up?)

Router#show ver

Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(11)T


Technical Support:

Copyright (c) 1986-2007 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Fri 26-Oct-07 19:38 by prod_rel_team

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(1r) [hqluong 1r], RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Router uptime is 2 minutes

System returned to ROM by reload at 02:10:54 UTC Wed May 28 2008

System image file is "flash:c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-11.T4.bin"

This product contains cryptographic features and is subject to United

States and local country laws governing import, export, transfer and

use. Delivery of Cisco cryptographic products does not imply

third-party authority to import, export, distribute or use encryption.

Importers, exporters, distributors and users are responsible for

compliance with U.S. and local country laws. By using this product you

agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations. If you are unable

to comply with U.S. and local laws, return this product immediately.

A summary of U.S. laws governing Cisco cryptographic products may be found at:

If you require further assistance please contact us by sending email to

[email protected].

Cisco 2811 (revision 53.50) with 249856K/12288K bytes of memory.

Processor board ID FCZ095371FK

2 FastEthernet interfaces

2 ATM interfaces

1 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module

DRAM configuration is 64 bits wide with parity enabled.

239K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

62592K bytes of ATA CompactFlash (Read/Write)

Configuration register is 0x2102

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smahbub Mon, 06/02/2008 - 12:21
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Can you provide the exact error message that you are getting while trying to access the internet which will help us in resolving the issue in a better way.You can check for any issues with cable connections and also the configuration done.

anthonyfear Mon, 06/02/2008 - 17:59
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Hi There

As the system is remote from me and I'm unable to connect for any length of time prior to reboot - I'm afraid I haven't seen any errors.

From my end - it simply stops responding to pings intermittently (or rather it only responds to pings intermittently) and I have to repeatidly keep trying to telnet into the system until I'm, eventualy, able too - Then I reload and everything comes up fine again.

Does that help?


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